My Private Pantry

From my private pantry,
At all hours, day and night,

I bring you a treat close to my heart,
A deliciously, crunchy,
sweet delight,

So whether to enjoy yourself
or share with a friend,
I give you these biscotti
to keep or to send!

Biscotti Varieties

Cranberry Pistachio
Ginger Chocolate
White Chocolate Cranberry
Cherry Chocolate
White Chocolate Covered Lemon-Almond
Citrus Pecan
Chocolate Chip
Rosemary Parmesan
Pumpkin Spice (seasonal)
Peppermint Chocolate Crunch covered Almond (seasonal)

Biscotti Prices

Regular Biscotti - $15.00 per pound
Gluten Free - $17.00 per pound
Seasonal - add $2.00 per pound

YaYa's Granola

Totally natural.
Absolutely no additives or preservatives.
Made with love.

Granola Prices

Granola $9.99 per pound
Mason Jar lg $12.99
Mason Jar sm $9.99
Gluten Free $10.00 per pound
Gluten Free Mason Jar lg $13.99
Gluten Free Mason Jar sm $10.00

From Yael

"I'd like to think I learned from the best. I love to bake because my mother loves to bake. My mother taught me the how-to's and showed me the passion and dedication necessary to make treats that taste so good. Thanks Mom!"


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